NOW PUBLISHED. ISBN: 978-981-14-9875-6 (e-book)

You are welcome to download a copy here

“QM turns out to be a breathtaking story of our breakthrough into an unbelievable future. Not science fiction, but what our world is likely to be in 50 years, if they get the Quantum Computer going.”(From “About This Book”)

  • First Quantum Revolution – the primary discoveries, enabling the Information Age
  • Second Quantum Revolution –gestating the Quantum Computer’s computational core (up to the present)
  • Third Quantum Generation – roadmaps and breakthroughs to the hybrid and intermediate generations of Quantum Computers (by 2040), and
  • Fourth Quantum Generation – When the Quantum Computers and their associated inventions run the place, map the stars and take us beyond Absolute Zero. (beyond 2070).

Publication history: Review cut-off 31 Oct 2020, Finalised and Restricted release on 1 Apr 2021, and e-Published herewith on 19 Nov 2021.

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VIRUS* Biological Predator e-PUBLISHED

(With an Appendix on Bacteria)

ISBN 978-981-18-3046-4 (PDF)

(285 Pages)

An In-depth Review of Covid-19

Virus* Biological Predator (An Investigative Review of Covid-19). This study takes an helicopter view of Covid-19, with close focuses on the virus itself, the history of viral pandemics, and the various responses of us humans. The latter cover the detailed actions of the country of origin and by the world community. Besides the inter-governmental and private-public partnerships, the latter include the outstanding collaboration of the scientific, medical, humanitarian and philanthropic communities . It studies the GOF/Leak Allegations in depth. It ends with Concluding Observations and recommendations for Direction of Change.

DOWNLOAD here (free): https://geraldpillay.files.wordpress.com/2021/12/virus-biological-predator-an-investigative-review-of-covid-19-zz.pdf

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Published as an e-book on 16 Dec 2019, at www.smashwords.com  Also available via Google.

SINGAPORE FELL 78 YEARS AGO. Churchill described it as “the worst disaster and largest capitulation in British history”. Over 80,000 troops surrendered. I was there.

This Monograph describeds how the Japanese invaded Malaya and captured Singapore, and explores the Causes of Defeat. Then, it reviews the rest of the war in the East, including two Victories and the Re-Occupation of Malaya and Singapore, to see how the British fared. The focus is on those responsible for the Fall of Singapore, and on whether the British did redeem their honour.

Over 500 pages, it is extensively hyperlinked. The conclusions are summarized in the various Assessments at th end of each chapter.

The rack price is USD 5.99. using Google, Those using the code *KT64G* can enjoy a discount of 60% (USD 2.50) for two months from today, at Smashwords only. 

Gerald Pillay

1 May 2020

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The Story Of Odiang (2nd Edition 2013)

Hello Friends

This blog-site  chronicles the story of my Dad, Francis Joseph  Pillay (1900-75), also known as Odiang, and our family. The chronicle comprises the following chapters (CLICK TO READ):

This is the Second Edition of the Story, which was first published in part on the Internet on 23 Jun 2011 and completed on 17 Dec 2012.  I have added a section on Special Friends, and also a report of a visit to the Holy Land in 2004. The Story is now  complete. God willing, I hope to capture the full story of my own family.  Please read the Foreword – and Foreword 2 (Update).

I  reviewed the histories of (a) the Chetty Malacca community and (b) the Malayan-Singapore Campaign of World War II, as part of the exercise.  This has led me to publish two editions of The Chetti Melaka Story. I am also working with the Peranakan Indian (Chitty Melaka) Association Singapore to promote the information capture of Chetti Melaka Families in Singapore .


Thank you

Gerald F Pillay

2 May 2020

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